Lord Rowley
Ladies & Gentlemen,

We leave tomorrow morning through the Chunnel to Calais and thenst on to Reims, to take in Taittinger and the old circuit in the afternoon and then Thurs., pressing on to Arnage.

Having just received our Sanef Tag on the wise recommendation of Mr Mayor, we also hear his warnings of driving too close to Gay Paris!

Looking at an old fashioned MAP🙀, a detour from Reims via Troyes, might take us out of Harms Way😉
but is this too much of an unnecessary detour ?

We expect to leave Reims/Epernay late morning, Thurs., expecting 3-4 hour drive (probably through lightening storms but hopefully, little rain), towards the sun of the south.😎

What would Francophile Chappies suggest please ?

Merci beaucoup In advance.🇳🇱

The Rowleys. 🇬🇧🥂
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Tim M
Definitely avoid Paris, the Perifique is horrifique!!!

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Doctor Houx
Ca Va

I do this run regularly as I have a rental property in Chartre sur le Loire directly opposite the Hotel de France.

Keep south west of Paris and a superb overnight stop is around Fontainblau and especially the very beautiful and historic village of Barbizon. This is a fantastic place with a rich history of fine art and some astounding collections, and is midway between Reims (show them you are not a Rost Beuf and pronounce it "Rance" like rancid as the locals do) and Tours. 

"Racing is life; everything that happens before or after is just waiting."
Steve McQueen.

Frank H. Area 14 (Norfolk) and Le Mans, France.
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David W
And remember as of July 1st speed limits on 2 lane roads are reduced to 80kph and being enforced.
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