The end of an era!  The pesky Joker has managed to destroy my beloved Batmobile (2007 Vantage Reg "BATMAN V8"  Don't ask what really happened - suffice to say it was my fault and I should not be allowed back out onto the roads!  It was rather disappointing that the anti-stone chip wrap that I recently had applied did nothing to protect it!


I have accepted a fair settlement from the insurers.  They have offered me the wreck for AUD $13,500 (that's about 7000 quid) - which seems very cheap - but what will I do with it?  I am looking for ideas from the club members.  It seems a shame to let this chance go.  Damage is front end only and engine appears ok.  Passenger air bag deployed.
Ideas so far are:  
1) Dismantle and sell bits cheap to club members - I have the time for this, but not really the space!  There is also limited demand for parts I guess, particularly in Australia.
2) Let a club member, who does have space, buy it for the same amount.
3) Use the engine to make a AM coffee table!  However, lifting it into the lounge could be an issue and my partner (Cat Woman) would probably not support this option)
4) Rebuild and make a race car.  As a statutory write off it cannot be reregister in Australia. Not so sure I want to race it though.
5) Our local leader, Jim T, has suggested putting the engine into my beloved Capri 2.8 Injection!  Not sure about this given my recent driving record!
So what should I do guys?

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Perth!  Please drive extra carefully!
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Adamska Haven
Sorry to see what happened. I guess we've got to always look on the bright side if things, so with that in mind, no one appears to be injured which is the only thing that really matters. As far as your questions go, my objective answer would be #1 and my subjective answer would be #3 ðŸ˜‰. If Catwoman refuses to go along with it there is always Batgirl ðŸ˜†. Cheers to you Batman🍻
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Vanquish Rider
That powertrain in a Capri sounds exciting.  

You could sell the lights alone for nearly that buy back fee. 

The interior and some trim would easily put you in profit.  

I think you get catwoman and batgirl to fight it out and post the video on here.

Happy new Aston Hunting... Nobody hurt  there is always a bright side. 

Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone
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Sad to see it happened, but nice to see the Aston did its job in protecting you. 

I also love the Aston engine in a Capri Idea. Kind of what Tickford should have done originally. Hmmm. 5.3 Vantage V8 in a Capri? 🙂

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Car kept you safe, you can recoup some of your losses from what is left.... You can contemplate a replacement whilst you have a hearty Christmas Dinner.... look on the bright side, it could be so much worse.... We are glad you are fine and look forward to updates on what next
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I'd keep the money in your pocket and move on. It's dead!
Lifes not a trial run. Do it don't wish it!

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No matter what car......ITS STILL A CAR!
You walked away and that's all that counts......
Time to walk away and count your blessings.
Good luck on a new car!
I don't think anyone here has to tell you.....WALK AWAY from it.
Parting out or selling this thing after a total or buckled roof is LIABILITY 101.
IMHO With Carfax and all the rest, just say goodbye keep the deck emblem and walk away.
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Glad you are okay Clive. Yes disappointing about the anti-stone chip coating, can you maybe get a refund? 🙂  As you know I love the MkIII Capri's as well but I do rather like the sound of dropping the Aston V8 into one, not sure how much of a headache the whole wiring/ECU stuff would be probably enough to put me off but it would make for an awesome Capri 🙂  As you'd be aware once its a stat write off its doesn't matter about parting it out over here no matter what you sell of it except for seat belts which you are not allowed to sell secondhand. 
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Do not try and move the AML ECU's etc to the Capri. You will self combust with frustration. Simply buy a modern after market ECU that can cope with drive by wire.
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