thought i would let you all know that i'm off to the Stade de France to watch a small sporting event taking place tonight at 8 pm french taking along my wife and my newly aquired aston DB9 manuel........french motorways should be good.....i hope to post pictures of the day's events and the Webb Ellis trophy back in English hands!!!!.....COME ON ENGLAND..!!!!!
Ooooppps...I did it again....
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Patrick 17367
Have fun, Tony. Just be carefull when navigating over the French autoroutes.. Our French Friends have developed savage ways to deal with gentlemen driving powerfull cars. There's radars all over the place and if that isn't enough, they sometimes check the time you needed to cover the distance between two "payages". If you were too fast, you'll be invited to pay a certain amount of money, leave your car etc...
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