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We have changed the date of the September 11th drive to September 18th to coincide with the Danville Concours weekend (

We will start with breakfast hosted by Los Gatos Luxury cars ( and head out on the coastal tour when most people have arrived. We will drive into the San Mateo/Santa Cruz mountains for most of the morning and then have lunch in Half Moon Bay - location to be determined based on number of participants.

For those who are planning to attend the Danville Concours banquet ( and possibly the Concours itself on Sunday, we will check into the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley/Oakland around 3pm. Book your room through Augie Kuo to get a 20% discount.

The Concours cocktails/dinner starts at 6:00 pm so we'll leave by 5:30 to get to the Blackhawk Museum. On Sunday, Concours participants would have to leave earlier in the morning to get their cars ready for show but spectators can leave later.

Here's the plan:


    09:30    meet at Los Gatos Luxury Car dealership - 620 Blossom Hill Rd, Los Gatos
    10:15    begin tour, lunch destination (TBD)
    14:00    head to Hotel and check-in, clean-up/relax, etc.
    17:30    head to Blackhawk Museum for cocktails and banquet


    before 10am - head to Danville, location of the Danville Concours
    11:00 - 16:00    Danville Concours

Please RSVP to Augie Kuo by Tuesday September 14th.


Guy Simpson
Communications Director
AMOC Section West USA
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Chris Coster of Los Gatos Luxury Cars let me know that our reception for the Sept 18th drive will actually be at their other location at 66 E. Main St in Los Gatos,CA 95030.  Tony Blevins (new member!) has also graciously arranged for us to have a space at Cameron's inn ( for lunch.  Also to note is that it will most likely be cloudy and cool in Half Moon Bay so please bring layers!  Here's the updated itinerary for Saturday:

  09:30    meet at Los Gatos Luxury Car dealership - 66 E. Main St, Los Gatos
~10:15  (or before if everyone is ready)  begin tour
~12:30    (or so) photo op near private space near Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
~12:45    lunch at Cameron's Inn
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On Sept 18th, Chris Coster of Los Gatos Luxury Cars arranged a delectable breakfast reception before our drive through the Santa Cruz/San Mateo mountains.  9 cars - 1 DB9, 2 Vanquishes, 1 DB7 Volante, and 5 Vantages left the dealership and went through the quaint village of Saratoga and up the wooded and windy road to the summit of the Santa Cruz mountains.  Unfortunately, our AMOC west chairman's DB9 got a "Check Engine" light and had to turn back.  From there we headed through the fog and curves of the San Mateo mountains down to Half Moon Bay where we stopped to take some pictures.  Tony Blevins arranged our lunch at Cameron's Inn, an English-style pub with even a general store for homesick expats.  Lots of pints of Boddingtons, fish & chips and shepherd's pie was consumed and everyone had a great time.  Tony and Anni even got dressed up to get the British spirit in them! 

Links to the pictures are here:  enjoy!

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