Good Evening Rick

I'm a tad confused (easily achieved!)
Has this event:

Event: 'Shooting In Style'
Date: Saturday, October 21, 2006 At 10:00
Duration: 2 Days

replaced the one that you were arranging?

Sounds really good, although I don't think...or to be more accurate... I know! I couldn't afford to do the overnight bit much as I would like to. But could probably manage the day learning to shoot those peskie Clay Pigeons. And I would most definately be a novice! Never so much as touched a gun in my life....oo I tell a lie....I did win a goldfish at the fairground shooting gallery light years ago ;D

Who else is going that I 'know'?
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Rick will correct me if I am wrong. However, my understanding is that the 'Shootng in Style' weekend IS the weekend organised by Rick for and on behalf of the Social Committee. The other event that was to have been run this year was a repeat of last year's Area 00 event called "Pull", which was organised by me. "Pull" was an informal get together of guns for a morning's blasting at clays at Bisley.

In deference to Rick and the Committee and the event already in the diary, I / we have not tried to organise "Pull" this year, because we did not want there to be any sort of clash. However, next year Area 00 does plan "Pull II", and I hope that as many of you as would like to will be able to attend.

Ms Hedgehog, please don't concern yourself re experience in these matters. Last year, The Noble Lordsoandso, then an absolute novice in this context, pitched up and broke almost every clay presented to him. I'm sure that you will have bags of fun at Rick's event no matter how skilled a shot you turn out to be.


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Oh I see...I must have got a little muddled then Tim. I could have sworn that there was a C.P.S event which clashed with my hols. Clearly my hormones affecting my memory....again! :-[

Thank you kind Sir!

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Tim is absoultely right - we have orgainised a full weekend of activities on 21/22 Oct in the Cotswolds.

This has a separate thread here

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Thank you Rick.

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