John Purser
Thursday  - Club shop, admin, coffee shop all erected in blistering heat and a strong breeze. Leg weights and cable ties to lash everything down.
Friday - quite a busy day for visitors to the Club site, with practice and qualifying.
Saturday - different sort of lashing, rain and cold most of the day, no queuing to get into the track or the Club's car park. Early morning RAC Woodcote and Moss race for David Reed in the DB2, various other Astons in action there and through the day. DB7 25th birthday run on the circuit for a dozen cars. Aston Martin Trophy for Endurance Legends, roughly speaking 10-20 year old WSCC / Le Mans cars.
Excellent show from the Pre-War group with 11 cars brought together by Ecurie Bertelli and Alan Brooke. Sadly, Peter Dubsky's car chose the period between qualifying and the race to put water as well as fuel in a cylinder, but it was a great mix of Aston, Bentley, Invicta etc etc on show.
Organisers do odd things, the tribute Santana band at 7 pm were competing for volume with the FIA Masters historic sports cars, meaning Lolas old and not so old plus Chevrons, ditto and some McLarens. Spoiled both.
Sunday - less rain, more wind, AMOC coffee-making abandoned, but lots of good racing in better conditions. Classic GT, pre-66 brought out Project 214 with Wolfgang Freidrichs and Simon Hadfield but the winner was a '65 Cobra built last year. Go figure !
All thanks to Marc Aylott, Fiona, Kerry, Jo-the-new-girl, shop team Linda, John and Chris plus Les for a lot of work over the 5 days for our benefit.
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We came on Friday, super day, it's such a great event and worth the trip to be parked next to a V12 Zagato !  Abandoned the planned Sunday visit as our rain was so dreadful.  It must have been a 5 day trial by weather for the guys manning the AMOC stand.
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I had the pleasure on parking my (muddy) DB7 next to the Zagato prior to the parade lap on the Saturday. The lap was great fun and we met lots of owners who like us are going to Stowe for the 25th birthday celebrations. Those who chose not to attend because of the rain missed a great day and thanks again to Mark and his team for their marshalling duties.
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John Purser
Carfan 2, thanks for the reminder  - Mark Rolfe and Area 15 all out helping us park up neatly. Thanks !
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Saturday was a bit dismal but we still had a fun weekend and chatted to lots of members.  Highlight for me was the Saturday mini race won by Darren Turner. We were sitting in the grandstand and every time there was a close call (and there were many) the crowd were 'oohing and aahing' it was like being at a pantomime!
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It was good to meet so many of you over the 4 days. 

A particular thank you to the stewards for helping out on each day. The Club were offered 4 passenger lap places in the Course Car and 2 Hospitality passes for the Masters marquee, courtesy of Aston Martin Heritage Racing. These were given to the steward volunteers, with names pulled out of a hat. 

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Shame about the rain otherwise an excellent weekend, well worth going.

A provisional date for 2010 is 31st July to 2nd August (Book those hotels but be sure to have cancellation option incase the dates change)
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