Mark Sayers
If, like me, you are always looking for places to take the Aston on a Sunday, you may be interested to know that a 'classic' car club based in South Lincolnshire is planning to have a car show on our village playing field on 5 August 2007.

The members of the 20-49 club are coming to Wing in Rutland with a wide variety cars from 1920 onwards.  Despite the name, post 1949 cars are also prevalent.

I am planning to join the club in the next few weeks and hopefully display my DB7 i6 on the day.

In addition to looking at the cars, visitors can also have afternoon tea in the Village Hall next door.

If there's a general interest in bringing a few AMs to the event, I could try and get a special area set aside for AMOC members.

The last meeting of the 20-49 club that I attended had approximately 30 cars present all of which were looking at.

If this event is of interest to anyone, please let me know.

For reference, Wing is midway between Leicester and Peterborough and just off the A47 near Uppingham.

Also nearby are Rutland Water and Stamford.

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I know Wing-and the pub- very well. Some poistonheads arranged to meet there, and the ub was shuit despite telling us it would be open. And then the time I took Claire for lunch, and they decided not to do lunch today. But, they said,  if I had booked...

Strange pub, but Wing is a lovely location and you can do some great drives around there. If I get my car back in time, I'd love to come.

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Will, I'm praying your car is going to be ready by 21st July never mind August!
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