Tim M
The Spa 6 hour race is next weekend and I will be there for my 6th year.
I've got a feeling that the weather is not going to be so kind to us this year but fingers crossed!
Once again I shall be chief 'gofer', cook and tea maker for a few guys. MGB in the 6 hours, BMW in U2TC, Lotus Cortina, Hillman Imp and maybe a Mustang--should be fun.
Hope to bump into a few Aston guys while I am there.
This race meeting is one of the highlights of my year and for anyone who hasn't been---you are really missing one of the best events of the year---easily on a par with the Le Mans Classic but with a more 'clubby' feel to it.
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Quite no chance to be there next weekend, but I will follow this event for next year (I'm just 250 km from spa)

I wish you all the best
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Tim M
Back from a wet and soggy Spa--my weather forecast was spot on, unfortunately!
I got promoted to 'truckie' as well because the relief truck drivers couldn't make it!
In the 6 hours the MG was going great, having made up 40 places in the first 2 hours but at 3 hours the engine expired (probably bottom end bearing).
The BMW finished 15th but should have finished a lot higher if we had managed to get the car in during the safety car laps (Ross Brawn would have got it right)!
The Imp did fine but had to have an extortionately expensive new seat fitted because it was out of date.The scrutineers were manic about date stamps on seats, gloves, helmets etc and I was told that one person had his gloves checked while sitting in the car to go to the grid (although they had never been mentioned at scrutineering) and had to go and borrow some for the race---'elf and safety rules!!!
The Mustang decided to select first gear on a fast part of the circuit during practice but escaped with minor damage and a new gearbox was brought over and fitted overnight. It completed its race OK.
Had a chat to Jim Campbell and Robert Rawe who both were having a good time despite the conditions.
Met a very nice Belgian guy with a dark blue DB7V who was very happy with the car which he had owned for 10 years.
Hopefully the weather will be better next year.
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