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In 2006 I went on an AMOC tour to Spain which included a track day at Guadiz where the DBR9 was set up. It was a great tour and was enjoyed by all the participants. We had cars from Speed models to VAnquish and no break downs at all. The organiser of the tour was Jasper Gilder and he has asked if we want to rerun it over a ten day period and take in two days at La Manga Spa as well. So far we have about 6 interested in it and need at least ten to make it a goer. Anyone out there interested please mail Jasper  [jasper.gilder@virgin.net] or call him for an itinerary. Hotels will be PAradors as before - some of them are in terrific locations. EL Forestall is worth going to just for the drive up and down the 2 kilometre driveway, its almost as good as the track day. Photos of last track day are at http://www.pmsquared.eclipse.co.uk/AMOC.

Do take a look at the attached flyer and contact Jasper as shown.
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Here is what Jasper says -
We listened to what people said in 2006 - so there are more multi-night stays and the trip is now a few days longer to allow for a more leisurely run. Since 2006 the circuit at Guadix has been resurfaced and considerably altered - different corners in different places! Guadix is now used for testing by some of the Aston Martin race teams and our arrangements at La Manga Club are being made by Barwell Leisure - parent company of Barwell Motorsport

    If you want to put your name down for 2008 - drop me a mail or give me a call and I'll add you to the list - we'll take deposits when the list gets to ten and I know it's a genuine runner

    If you want a chat - just give me a call

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Jasper Gilder
Guadix Trackdays
01442 842542
07831 327727
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