December 6th 2019
The official opening of the all new Aston Martin manufacturing facility by Aston Martin Lagonda president and Group CEO, Dr Andy Palmer who was joined by the first minister of Wales, Rt Hon Mark Drakeford.
The new DBX - Astons new SUV will be built here as well  as creating 750 new jobs.
The DBX will be in full production in the second quarter of 2020. exports will be around 90% of DBX's. 20191206_104142.jpg  20191206_104233.jpg  20191206_105902.jpg  20191206_110025.jpg  20191206_113554.jpg  20191206_114432.jpg  20191206_115207.jpg  20191206_115339.jpg  20191206_120549.jpg  20191206_120922.jpg  20191206_121659.jpg  20191206_122028.jpg  20191206_122039.jpg  20191206_122252.jpg  20191206_122333.jpg  20191206_122443.jpg  20191206_122459.jpg  20191206_122602.jpg  20191206_122707.jpg  20191206_122715.jpg  20191206_123152.jpg  20191206_123417.jpg  20191206_123432.jpg  20191206_123755.jpg  20191206_124037.jpg  20191206_124121.jpg  20191206_124957.jpg  20191206_125152.jpg  20191206_125252.jpg  20191206_125723.jpg  20191206_130027.jpg  20191206_130540.jpg  20191206_130657.jpg  20191206_130753.jpg  20191206_130859.jpg  20191206_131103.jpg  20191206_131848.jpg  20191206_132829.jpg  20191206_135211.jpg  20191206_141942.jpg 
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Great photos. Thanks
I notice that;
All the tyre marks from the "open day" two years ago are still there!
What a nice automatic gearbox attached to the engine. (you can get them for your V12 Vanquish now too)
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Adamska Haven
Fantastic pictorial, thanks a bunch for posting it here! 😃
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Uhhh, what is that thing in front of the plant? Art, I suppose. 

White is not the colour I would have chosen to show the DBX in. 

The plant sure looks oddly empty. 

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