Apologies if this is not allowed.

I have just been contacted by the mother of a car mad lad called Lewis who is suffering from Leukaemia and the are putting a meet on to put a smile on his face.

People will be meeting at Washington Services (North Bound) on the A1 at 10:00 am on Easter Sunday, 1st April 2018 and will then take a drive to Jedwater.

There are a few car clubs already in attendance but I know that Lewis would love to see a few Aston Martins there along with any other Supercars if you have any friends willing to come along?

This is the link to the Facebook event:


But I’m more than happy to be point of contact for AMOC.

Thanks for reading and leave your details below if you can take part, Happy to get answers to any questions too.


Mick5994 - Vantage V8
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Bit far for me but good luck.

Which Area rep is it? Is it worth giving them a nudge?
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