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Surely Dom the concern is that it DOESN'T make the restorations you have in motion good value... people don't seem to be paying the money for good restored cars, so unless they are being restored to keep as family heirlooms (like my cars admittedly) you are better pushing the car back in a barn and trying your luck at Bonhams in a few years! The way current prices are, it appears the worst thing you can do value-wise to an Aston is restore it???
I've been thinking that buying a ratty car and spraying it with dirt and guano is the cheapest arbitrage out there.  Easy money.
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Do it to a Cygnet then!
I might be wrong but if the factory had just said "look we need to lower the average emissions on the cars and the only way to do is add a few bits to a little town car and call it an Aston" I think most of us would have full sympathy instead of thinking it's crap..
I had a ride in someones new Smart today they gave £12k for...it just felt right for what it is....I just can't get excited by the Cygnet.... 
Hmmmm.....theres another place I should have put this isn't there....
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