The Tour Britannia event is taking place in early September and this includes events at Oulton Park, Anglesey and Mallory Park. Javelin Trackdays, who are organising the circuits for these events, are also offering half day track days at these venues. If we can get a good collection of cars at one or more of these venues, they will try to combine us with some other specialist Clubs, to make it a more restricted event. The idea is that you combine the half day track day with watching the tour Britannia for the remainder of the time. The dates and times are Oulton Park 7th Septemberfor 4 hour morning track time, Anglesey GP 8th September 2.5 hours am and 2.5 hours pm with TB in the middle and Mallory Park 9th September 4 hours track time, if you wish, you can follow the tour and do all three events. The cost of each event will be approximately £100, including watching TB. If you are interested in one or more of these days, please contact me ASAP.

Andrew Forret
Area 6 Rep.
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