On 25th October, the AMOC are celebrating the first outing of Lionel Martin's Aston Martin engine.

It was Sunday 25th October 1914, when Lionel Martin took the ‘hybrid’ (as the prototype later became known) down to Brighton, accompanied by some other pioneer motorists on an end of season run, organised by the magazine ‘The Light Car and Cyclecar’. After lunch, somebody suggested that an attempt should be made on the Cindertrack Hill (which at that time was occasionally used for official hill climbs).

We thought we would replicate the run, but will have several starting points, (London, Manchester, Cornwall, Eton, Oxford and Cambridge) all linked to times in Lionel Martin's life.

At Cindertrack Hill, we are planning to photograph any Aston with the same background as Lionel was pictured with, precisely 100 years before.

In the evening, there is a dinner in the Royal Banqueting Suite of the Royal Pavilion.

Entry for the Drive, Cindertrack Hill and Dinner in the Royal Pavilion is £125.

To find out more details, see photos of the original occasion and the beauty of the Royal Pavilion, please click here: Lionel Martin Tribute

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