Just back from Le Mans and had a great time. Audrey at the Club organised camp site and tickets and it was just what was needed. Thank you. The camping area was secure, only 5 minutes from the circuit, and the facilities were kept clean throughout. The cost very reasonable, and you experienced all that LM is about, being there and soaking up the atmosphere.

Great race too, with the result unknown right to the end and with intermittent rain you could watch the slipping, sliding and spinning.

Four of us took 2 DB9's down. I would like to say with no trouble, but my local dealer seemingly does not believe in tightening up nuts...... Would not mind but they were only redoing a job they had failed to do before... I am waiting to see the Dealer Principal, I will post more later.

Also great to find out more about the cars when you speak to other owners, thank you Alun for pointing out that my boot lid catches because the bumper needs resetting - wonder why my dealer cannot see that...

I hope all other owners who went had a good time. I surely did.

Andrew db9
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Andrew, if you're a member you need to let us know at the link below. You're missing half the forum otherwise!
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