Bought some jacking pads off Steve at TJA (find them on Ebay) last year and they are absolutely brilliant however I was convinced that I had stored them in the boot of my V8V but when I went to change the rear pads they had mysteriously dissappeared! I've looked high and low but they have just vanished! Contacted Steve on Saturday as someone offered to buy me a new set for my 60th tomorrow, he was away but he still responded and then confirmed on Sunday night that he had some in stock and that he would send them Monday - He sent me the tracking number on Monday and I have received them today (Tuesday) just in time for my birthday. As a retail business owner I cannot stress how much this sort of service impresses me as this is the sort of service that I strive to achieve for my own customers. Great product, fantastic service - contact Steve at cava.mar@aol.co.uk.
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