Lord Rowley
Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys & Girls,

Unfortunately, Lady Rowley has been suffering from a heavy influenza all week and although Tweety Pie has been brought out of hibernation specifically for this weekend, I fear the 300 mile round trip and so much fresh air, will be too much for her......That’s Lady R of course, not Tweety ! 🤦‍♂️

I have offered to rub Vick into her chest and whilst he looked quite excited, L.R gave me the old Vulcan Death Stare and once again, my ankles are bruised.

Beaulieu confirmed “nix refundos” yesterday but did say they were fully transferable.

I’m therefore pleased to offer our two EXHIBITORS tickets FREE GRATIS to any Aston DRIVER that would like them.👍🥂

If I recall, “pay at the gate” is 15 Guineas per head ? So could save you 30 Sovs. 😉👍🍻

Pls p.m. me and I will fwd the pdf.

Pls enjoy in our absence,

Lancelot & Chrysanthemum Rowley. 😉

If being ever-prepared AMOCers, everybody already has their tickets, I will post them on Piston Heads tonight as an olive branch, peace-offering to our FRIENDS and alter-egos there - to hopefully suggest we are not all stuffed shirt, red trouser-wearing, posh black-tie-dinner-going, panama hatted, old boy, pre-war owning, Gaydon-neglecting w*****s......Well maybe some of us are. 😉🤪🤪.
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A notice in The Times acknowledging your absence will be posted. Clutches of AMOCers will rue your lack of attendance...but still have a great time in the puddles!
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Lord Rowley
Thank you fellow, “Appreciator of The Coloureds”.👍 🥂

I’ll pass on your sentiments to ‘Er Indoors. 😉

Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated....🤣
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Lord Rowley

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Peter Avis
What a lovely gesture. Hope LR recovers quickly and may your kind hearted god remain with you 👍😊
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Lord Rowley
Thank you Peter - I’ll pass on your best to the good lady and her favoured Ganesha. 🥂🇬🇧
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