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Congratulations and thanks to all those involved with the Vanquish Celebration Day at Newport Pagnell yesterday.  It was a superb occasion with outstanding displays.  The highlight was undoubtedly the presentations by the Vanquish design, engineering and production teams - including Ian Minards and Ian Callum.  The insights into the decision making about the original 'concept' car and subsequent styling and engineering and testing developments were revealing and very reassuring about the quality, strength and power of the Vanq.  I particularly liked the fact that the original go-ahead decision to build the car was effectively made by just 2 or 3 people, with no hierarchy of committees to satisfy - even in the then-Ford conglomerate.

Luckily, the event coincided with a visit by me from the US to the UK so I was able to fit the day into my schedule.  Works Service had cleared the shop of other AMs and my guess is there were about 30 or more Vanqs of all ages - including a couple of Ultimates - lined up inside and outside.  That would be more than 1% of the entire production!

Can't wait to get home and pump the pedal on the right again.
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Does this bring it all back? http://www.classicdriver.com/uk/magazine/3700.asp?id=14339
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So did anyone do a brilliant job and collect all the VIN's, Colours, Plates, Etc for me...? My back up plan failed - Twice !

Sorry I couldn't be there...again, 1st time was unexpected, this time was just really bad planning...by my Wife.

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Unfortunately I wasn't there but the mind reels at the thought of everyone firing up their engines to pull out.  Must have sent a tingle up the spine.
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They wouldn't even open the boonets to take photos of any Vin's BIG secret? ???
BUT I got there number plates? ;D ;D

and yes that would have been GERAT all engines running at the same time of corse mine would have been the LOUDEST? >
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You don't need to open the bonnet to get a VIN number. It's also on a plate you can see through the windscreen.
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I tried that all I got was a BIG FAT MAN reflection on the windscreen? ;D ;D

I was already haveing a bad day anyway?
it was time of the month for the Vanquish ?
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