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Russell wrote:

hey geewizz there is only three in that picture and no wonder lotus never win anything the muppet is facing the wrong way on the starting grid.
im on second row with the onboard camera but i think the aerial might cost me a few tenths on the corners.

le mans. what a blast.

Russell, the Elise was giving you a chance, it's almost as quick in reverse than you are in 5th!

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ah did you size it 600 wide to start with

You can use
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ah right but does that not just crop it as it wants to ? i normally use photoshop then save that to the holding site. lets you pick what you want to crop.
not that im too clear ever what i am doing of course. if i dont have to do all then happy days
24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case, coincidence ? i think not.
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