Whilst at Brooklands on 17th May, I met the Regional Organiser of the West Sussex branch of the TVR Car Club and she has invited us to join a group of TVR Car Club members to visit a big cat sanctuary in Kent on sunday 19th July.

This is what she had to say about the sanctuary:-

"For our regular meeting in July this year, we have been fortunate to secure a visit to a Big Cats' Sanctuary in Kent.  This is a private wildlife sanctuary run on a charitable basis and part of an international breeding programme.  The sanctuary is not open to the general public or anyone under the age of 16. Private visits that would include lunch and refreshments are occasionally accepted for a substantial fee.  We have agreed terms for our club to visit in return for a donation to assist with the funding of the sanctuary.

To keep this cost down we will bring our own picnic lunches and share the visit with a photographic group rather than have exclusive use of the site.  However, we will have our own reserved area for the day with picnic tables where we can have lunch together and where very conveniently, we will also be able to park our cars.  We will be divided into small groups for an educational guided tour and there will be a chance for some of us to hand feed the cats.

The visit will incur a cost of £25 per person but I consider this to be worth every penny for such a unique opportunity.

From my own experience, I can guarantee that you will rarely be able to gain such close access to such magnificent wild animals. This visit will be a fantastic photographic opportunity; so do remember to bring your cameras."

My partner and I will be going along so there are 28 places left for anyone else who is interested and you is prepared to stump up the £25 per person up front. If you are interested, please send a personal message with an e-mail address to which I can send the details. I need to confirm numbers and forward the cheques by close of business on Friday 10th July, so if you fancy feeding a tiger, drop me line.
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Due to an appallingly timed jaunt to Sardinia, could anyone who is interested in this event, please provide their cheques and details by close of business on Friday 3rd July.

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Belated thanks to Gareth for this event. It was an absolutely amazing day, and I'd recommend it to anyone. You can get really close to the cats and even stroke them if you are very, very careful..

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I feel so inadequate with my little set-up now....... :-\
Although mine won't eat you...... ;D
P.S. I do have many Big Cats as well...bought another on XJ this time...
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