Hi All,

Apologies for not posting in a while, work has been flatout for me. Anyway i have been asked in a very short notice to go over to our office in Kettering (East Midlands). I am a big Aston Martin fan and despite limited free time over there I really would like to spend time looking at and fullfilling my desire for Aston Martin vehicles.

I have never been to the UK before and I am wondering if there is anything Aston Martin related (workshop, dealers and/or factories near by. Also if there is anyone in the area I would love to catchup and have a chat over a pint.

I have put my travel request in to leave Melbourne Australia this Friday and hoping to arrive in Heathrow sometime Saturday morning (UK time). Any suggestions on Aston Martin related sites would be very much appreciated.


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Kettering is about 35 miles from Newport Pagnell, the home of Works Service. That's a good place to start. If you load the Google Earth file below into Google Earth you can see where all the Aston Martin Service agents are in relation to Kettering, or indeed any other point in the UK.

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check out the thread about CJ coming over here- Kettering is near me, and also close to both factories. And this sunday at Donington (about 40 minute drive away) is the UK round of the Le Mans series, with the DBR9 racing.

You've picked a great weekend, and to save tiem CJ asked the same questions a while ago.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the replies guys.

I am speaking to a friend who is in Aus but from UK and he mentioned that there is a Wings and Wheels day at Dunsfold (Top Gear track) on the 27th of August. Will any of you be there, I think thats an event where I should be able to go.

Wow, Kettering is the epi-centre of Aston Martin but I take it both the factories do not have a museum type place where they have Aston Martin cars on show. Also I would imagine there is no access or show facilities for the public.
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Gaydon is a superb British themed motor museum. Have a look at the site calendar and contact the local area rep. There will be an AMOC presence at Dunsfold.
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Well from accessing the calander theres 2 options I can do for the sunday as I arrive in Heathrow saturday morning.

One option for me is to get accomodation on saturday in London so I can see London abit and then go to the Wings and Wheels on sunday. I am trying to scope how to get from London to Dunsfold for the sunday. Closest station is Guildford. But from there there seems to be no transport to Dunsfold since its in the middle of nowhere I suspect. After the wing and wheels event I will have to go to Kettering as that is where I will stay all week.

The other option is to base myself in Kettering and go to Donington on the sunday for the race which is a 40 mile drive.
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