I thought there was meant to be some kind of AMOC event in Cumbria/The Lakes this year.

What happened to that?

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I think we are going to Lancashire. So not so far north for those coming from down south and sundry delights like Wigan Pier so Lord Rowley will be able to tick it off his bucket list.
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Charley Farley
There is a DB7 weekend in Cumbria this weekend and I am going and I can't wait! I think close to 30 cars going from what I can make out and not all of them will be DB7's. Probably too late to join all the official stuff now but if you are in the area we are in Appleby and I am sure you could tag along for the Saturday drive. I'll probably be shot by the organiser now for saying that, Yikes!
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We are pleased to announce that the Autumn Concours will be held at Hoghton Tower, Hoghton, Preston, Lancashire, PR5 0SH.
Hoghton Tower will provide a dramatic location, being a fortified Manor House, standing on a hilltop site, the highest in the area.
The house takes its name from the de Hoghton family, the historical owners since at least the 12th century, the present the house dates from 1560 - 1565 and was built for Thomas de Hoghton.

Damaged by fire in the civil war, the house was rebuilt and extended between 1862 - 1901.
The house is listed Grade 1, as is the Great Barn in the grounds, which is dated 1692.
It has been suggested that the property has links to William Shakespeare through Alexander Hoghton, who died in 1581. King James 1 stayed in the house for three days in 1617.
The dramatic setting of Hoghton Tower with its impressive grounds and gardens will provide an interesting and historic setting for our Autumn Concours, one that we hope will entice members to prepare their Aston Martins,  visit Lancashire and enjoy a wonderful weekend.
On Saturday evening the International Dinner will be held in the Banqueting Hall, beginning with a Taittinger Champagne Reception, followed by a three-course dinner with wine and musical accompaniment.
On Sunday a pre-booked buffet luncheon will be served in the Smoking Room.

The above text was written by Martin Coleman, who will organise this event.

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Hoghton Tower is where James 1 knighted the loin! Also - the de Hoghton family had a red carpet specially made for his visit to run from the gatehouse to the house and I recall it took them until the 20th century to finish paying for it. This might be a slight exaggeration, but it indicates that the carpet cost a huge fortune!
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We’ve just had one of those put down in the lounge.
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Pardon me but what are the dates?
Would love to attend.
Thank you,James
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